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In this section are held items that appeared on the News page of the web site during David Ward's year as President, largely relating to club events and activities.


Presidents' Handover, July 2009
The new President of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray for 2009/10 David Ward, receives the chain of office from last year's president Mike Rowe at the Club's lunch meeting of 6th July 2009. David Ward becomes the 82nd President of the Club founded in 1928.

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Interact BBQ

On Friday 10 July 2009 Melton Interact hosted a barbecue at Twinlakes Adventure Park in Melton Mowbray, courtesy of Rotarian Phil Bendall. Most of their current members attended plus a number of their friends.
Members of Long Field School Council also attended. This group of young people are considering the formation of a second Interact Club in the town and the contact with Melton Interact helped to develop real friendships between the two groups and the promise of future joint projects.  As a result Melton Interact President Ellie Groves has been invited to speak to the Long Field group at one of their meetings at the beginning of October.

 Members of the Rotaract Club of Melton Mowbray were also present, plus Ahmed a member of a Rotaract Club in Egypt who is visiting Leicester.
The evening was well supported by members of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray of which 15 members were present, many with their wives.
The head cook on the night was Jim Green who deserves special recognition for his service: "well done" would be a very appropriate way of applauding his efforts!

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CiCLE Challenge 2009

The good news: 12th July 2009 saw a dry start to the morning after heavy overnight rain
The less good news: the aftermath of the rain front was strong easterly winds

Nevertheless, 150 cyclists gathered at the King Edward VII school to undertake the Pork Pies and Pot Holes CiCLE Challenge, 2009, organised by Colin Clews of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray.  The following photos show scenes at the start:
CiCLE StartCiCLE Start
CiCLE StartCiCLE Start

and, less fresh looking, at the finish:
CiCLE FinishCiCLE Finish
CiCLE FinishCiCLE Finish

Many thanks to Colin, Ron, and the fund-raising team for a most enjoyable day out for all.

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... and Back Again.  Bob McCord Does it the Other Way.

Having done Le JOG (the Lands End to John O?Groats cycle ride) in September 2007 (see the story on our above), Melton Rotary Club member Bob McCord decided to see if it was any easier the other way.  Read his story below:

"Some folk have a party to celebrate their 70th but I had this odd idea that cycling John O?Groats to Lands End would be a good notion and a way of ignoring this milestone in my life!

Family and friends thought I was mad the first time so imagines their reaction to this latest trip! So here are a few memories of the journey.

Training done in the rolling hills of Leicestershire and Rutland, Gill and I set off for John O?Groats to start my ride on Sept 1st.Taking a slightly more direct route this time down the east coast to the out skirts of Edinburgh across country to Lockerbie and from there the A6, A49, A38, A30 - 891 miles in all.

Day one was windy but dry and I had forgotten the climbs that I was going to encounter apart from the dreaded Berridale Braes and Helmsdale. Head winds didn?t help.

John O'GroatsBerridaleDornoch
John O'Groats - Its a long way from here Berriedale Braes - I remember this from last time - big big hills Dornoch - The end of day 1 only 9 to go

Dornoch was lovely but uppermost in my mind was the climb out of Inverness up to Slochd Summit ? bad enough in a car but only day 2 for my legs was a tough task but achieved on my 70th birthday.

CromartyBirthday cakeSlochd
Fine way to spend a birthday -  climbing hills out of Cromarty Firth How on earth am I supposed to hold this - please don't light the candles I've been having nightmares about climbing Slochd Summit

Rain, rain and more rain for the next section of the ride through what would have been some of the most stunning scenery along the A9 and on to Kinross where I arrived wet through  - thanks to the kindness of the hotel owners my kit was all dried out for the next day. More rain and flooded roads didn?t make life any easier but by the time I got to Lockerbie conditions had improved a bit.

Lockerbie and south took in Shap Summit and more hard climbs (definitely harder in this direction) pretty windy too but at least the road was fairly quiet. It doesn?t help the moral or legs when you have to actually pedal down steep hills because of the head wind!

Never ending Shap - wish the wind was helping In Devon, the suns come out at last - thought I'd never get the shorts on

Down through Kendal and on to the busier stretch through Lancaster, Preston, Wigan and Warrington, we were making progress but the weather wasn?t improving much.

Southwards and on towards Gloucester and Bristol and probably the worst piece of road for a cyclist ? the A38 ? it was good to leave that behind and head for Crediton and Okehampton to join the A30 for the last part of the ride.

Days 9 and 10 brought out the sun at last and certainly helped spur me on. Devon and Cornwall have not got any flatter than the last time I rode but at least the end was near and the spirits were rising. My team car support and manager persuaded me to maybe add a half day to my ambition of completing the ride in 10 days but the final day was going so well that I decided to go for it. I had forgotten that the last 14 miles or so were very challenging!

Lands End almost in sight ? 2 miles or so to go and a so far the incident free trip was almost put paid to by badly marked road humps ? despite almost taking off I managed to keep upright and complete my journey in the time I had set myself. North to south is definitely harder but End to End was achieved!

Final climbNearly thereThe End
Hope this is at last  the final climb Still some power in the legs  -  Lands End here we are! Does this jersey mean I've got to start again
This will be my last big ride as my manager and support car driver resigned as soon as I reached Lands End!

However I would like to say a big thank you to all who sponsored me, spurred me on my way and helped me raise around 1600 for The Prostate Cancer Charity."

Well done Bob,  A splendid effort, both the ride and raising money for such a worthwhile cause.  Are you sure cycling does not damage your prostate?

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ShelterBox news from the Philippines

This ShelterBox aid is provided to the Botolan province, about 90 miles north-west of Manila, so not directly affecting the areas our club supports - but tragic nevertheless.

ShelterBox Response Team meets Philippines' President

A further 118 ShelterBoxes have arrived in the Philippines as ShelterBox continues to help people rebuild their lives after Typhoon Morakot.

An initial 224 ShelterBoxes arrived in the country in the immediate aftermath of the typhoon. They were sent to provide emergency shelter for close to 2,000 people who lost their homes when a 1km section of the 5km Bucao Dike collapsed.

The initial ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members Peter Pearce (AU) and Ross Mackenzie (NZ) were joined by Lizzy Treglown (UK) and Denise Ho (USA) last week. With the help of the local government, the Philippine Army, the police, the Red Cross, local Rotarians and local students the team set up the first ShelterBox camp.

After identifying the need for more ShelterBoxes, the team requested a further consignment be sent. They specifically requested eight ?Classroom in a Box? boxes as many schools were also destroyed when the dike collapsed. The 110 ShelterBoxes and 8 Classrooms in a Box arrived in the Philippines at the weekend.

The ShelterBoxes were packed and shipped from ShelterBox HQ in Helston, Cornwall, UK with Tony Treglown, Lizzy Treglown?s father, joining the team of volunteers to help pack the boxes that were met by his daughter in the Philippines.

On Monday, August 24 SRT members Lizzy Treglown and Denise Ho met Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who was visiting the affected area where ShelterBox tents have been set up.

Lizzy said: ?We met the president briefly this morning and talked with her about ShelterBox. The local government have been a great help, the locals have cleared a large area of land for us, they?ve brought earth to fill in holes and raise some of the land for the tents.?

SRT member Ross Mackenzie has now returned to New Zealand but SRT member Hans Van Dyk (AU) has joined up with the rest of the team.

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A Showcase of Melton Young Musical Talent

On Saturday 26th September an inaugural showcase concert was presented by the town's two Rotary clubs as a big thank you to those young people who, in the previous twelve months, had entered and achieved success in the wide variety of Rotary competitions on offer annually. Monies made on the evening will be used to fund the coming year?s youth opportunities programme.

The large and enthusiastic audience was enthralled by singers and instrumentalists who performed to the very highest standards.  In addition presentations were made to:

Highlight of the evening was a rapturously received performance, by the Youth Group of the Melton Musical Theatre Company, of excerpts from their recent, highly successful production of Les Miserables.  Following their performance a memento and Rotary community achievement award was presented to their musical director Sandra Tebbutt

To complete a thoroughly entertaining evening Sheila Aston a prominent, local music teacher and an organiser of the evening was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship, Rotary?s highest accolade. This award was made to Sheila, a non Rotarian, in recognition of her long and enthusiastic service promoting and supporting music in both Melton and the Rotary District over many years.

Past District Governor Ian Vernon with Sioni Kilburn-Platts Presidents Tony Wallis and David Ward with Sandra Tebbutt and some the Youth Group of the Melton Musical theatre Company Presidents Tony Wallis and David Ward with Sheila Aston

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District Conference, Eastbourne, 2009

The 81st Annual Conference of RI District 1070 was held over the weekend of 2nd to 4th October 2009 in Eastbourne.
The weather was kind, in that the rain was sparse, the temperatures acceptable, the wind tolerable all but for those venturing along the cliffs or attempting picnics on Beachy Head.
Melton fielded an intrepid 27 delegates, who contributed significantly to the friendly aura that pervaded the formal and fellowship elements of the conference.  In a small way the team also helped to alleviate stress on the shelves of many of the hostelries in the vicinity.
Simon Weston OBE the keynote speaker was the Conference highlight, he was outstanding with an inspirational and humorous talk, detailing his physical and physiological challenges. Sample of his humour: -
?    As a Youth I was not well informed - more commonly known as 'Thick'
?    I was not particularly intelligent, I couldn't drive a tank, but I could carry one on my back.
The last speaker, Pat Langham OBE, Principal of Girls only Schools spoke eloquently and humorously, on her perception of the many differences between men and women. The talk was unfortunately riddled with fact, mainly truthful, but given with a female perspective which clearly nullifies the balance.
Highlight of the fellowship occurred at Gala dinner when a group of disgruntled, late booking Clubs, obviously relegated to fringe tables at the rear of the hall, attempted to storm those tables in better positions.  Their pathetic attempts at raids using long balloons, were soon put to nought by a well disciplined military march and rifle display, in the manner of 'Sharpe's Chosen Men', by the Melton Team, led by mercenary James Wiggins ex Grantham, and draftees from other Clubs - see photo for those involved.

BallonsThe GroupPopper Wars
A great time was had by all involved.

We were lucky enough to have the GSE team from the Philippines staying with around the time of conference, and took them down to Eastbourne with us.  They presented themselves, their home country and their vocations to all the conference delegates, finsihing with a traditional Filipino dance:
David Ward

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Melton Victorious Again - "We blew them away" (from our totally unbiased captain)
Melton Rotary Club's  under prepared, under pressure, Minor Sports team did it again, in a frankly breathtaking display of skill that left one of last year's "semi finalists" reeling.  In a classic Minor Sports confrontation on 15th October 2009 the Melton team, despite all the injury worries & last minute withdrawals, had the look of a hungry team & gelled well from the outset.  Watch out the more established prima donnas, they may well find there places up for grabs.  The usually slow starting Melton team got off to a flyer with the first round of conkers going to Big Ben in a matter of minutes (about 20).  There followed some grimly determined bouts with no shortage of flare & panache, the conkers round was all but conceded before the break, all the while the Pea shooting was ticking over nicely in the background with the two sides fairly evenly matched ... Then came the fireworks with Gattling Gavin Howling smashing Chris Muris' long held lead with a astonishing display of power & accuracy which I feel finally broke the spirit of the Grantham team & buoyed the rest of the home side - with the notable exception of the embattled Captain whose form was once again less than impressive, apart from his last gasp effort in the power play that could possibly have made a difference.

Once again it must be noted that the President was spotted in the crowd & when asked stated he & and the management had full confidence in the Captain...... we all know what that means!

So yes they did it again even after all the shenanigans & boundary changes during the closed season & with a laughable transfer budget compared to some of the nouveaux riches clubs out there, the Pork Pies march on to the next round with a hopefully kinder draw for last year's fighting finalists.

Until next time...... keep blowing, keep winning.

Thanks to all involved (especially Grantham Kesteven) for making this such an enjoyable night of Fellowship.

Tony (last gasp) Lord

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Shannon Trust
Our speaker at the Melton Rotary Club's meeting on 21st September was Roger Outram, the Eastern Regional Co-ordinator for Shannon Trust.

Roger became involved with Shannon Trust, following his retirement as a Prison Governor in some of the country's toughest establishments. He explained that Shannon Trust runs the Toe by Toe Reading Plan, an award winning mentoring programme, which encourages and supports prisoners who can read to give one to one tuition to prisoners who struggle to or who cannot read.  In 2008, it provided resources to teach over five thousand new learners in prison.

He went on to describe how Shannon Trust works with prisons to set up and maintain the Toe to Toe reading plan. They do this by supplying prisons with:

The aims of the Shannon Trust is to

Shannon Trust recognises that:

Shannon Trust provides both the Mentor and Learner with a copy of the Toe by Toe reading manual.  The manual helps Learners to develop the skills they need to decode written words using phonetics.

Toe by Toe book

A Mentor may have more than one or more Learners and will meet each for just 20 minutes daily, 5 times a week.  Together they will work through the phonetics exercises and record progress using the grid system in the manual.

The club were all impressed with the approach and the outcomes described by Roger.  We wish them well in their endeavours in a vitally important field.

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Remembrance Day

The 8th of November 2009 was Remembrance Day.  It was a bright sunny day and drew the largest turn-out to the town parde that the President of the British Legion could remember for a long time.  The Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray were represented by our President David Ward and other members.
Remembrance Day 09Remembrance Day 09
Remembrance Day 09Remembrance Day 09

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Rifle Shooting Evening

Our President David Ward organised an enjoyable evening's shooting at Holwell rifle club on 27th November 2009.  16 members of the club and friends & family came along and had good fun (and some success).  It was all hosted by the very hospitable members of the Holwell rifle club - thank you to them.

To summarise the results:

Overall winner, First - Gavin Howling 247, Second - Phil Bendall 239, Third - John Dehnel - 232, Fourth - Jenny Howling 229.

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Youth Speaks in Melton

On Saturday 21st November the young people of Melton excelled themselves in the Youth Speaks competition organised by the two Rotary Clubs in the town.  President David Ward writes:
John FerneleyInteractKEVIIYoung Farmers

Thanks are owed to the adjudicators, organisers, and above all to the participants who showed just what talent exists in our town.

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Izaak Walton Visit 2009

Another enjoyable weekend on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border in Dove Dale was had by several members of the club in early December 2009, including a super walk on the Saturday morning followed by a compulsory visit to the local pub.


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Twin Lakes' Polar Bear helps to Eradicate Polio

Over Christmas 2009, and with the kind help of Twinlakes' family theme park, their polar bear is helping to raise funds to support Rotary's challenge to eradicate polio world-wide:
Polar Bear 1Polar Bear 2

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Philippines Aid Container

The Melton Rotary Club was pleased to dispatch another container of goods to our friends in the central Philippines today, the 2nd December 2009.  In exactly one month's time the Rotarians in Cebu should be receiving a large quantity of clothing and assorted medical, educational and other equipment for them to distribute to hospitals, health centres, schools and many other projects that they support in their district.  

A major reorganisation of schooling in Melton means that the secondary schools are disposing of computers, books (school text books including sets of encyclopaedias and some hymn books), classroom furniture, science equipment (including microscopes) sports equipment (gymnasium equipment including a pair of basketball nets and backboards) and other items which are not apppropriate to the new buildings and IT specifications.  More sets of encyclopaedias were donated by the Leicester Mercury.  A Melton primary school which was re-equipping let us have class-rooms' worth of infant-sized chairs. The donations will all support education at the schools we visited in February where computers were non-existent or at best very scarce, science equipment was scant, and books were fewer that most of us have on the bookshelves in our living rooms.

Through our contacts across the East Midlands many Rotarians and Rotary Clubs have donated  other goods: more PCs, books, clothing (especially children's clothes), folding chairs, children's soft toys and much more. We were fortunate to be given another ultrasound scanner by a Rotarian in Bedford; she is a vet, and they had an old but serviceable human-spec scanner no longer in use in their surgery.  Another Rotarian has a great variety of sources of aid materials, and was able to let us have, literally, pallet loads of children's toothpaste kits complete with a tube of toothpaste and brush; pencils and pens which can go to the schools; children's clothes; antiseptic wipes which will be of enormous help in the health centres.  We have also sent a few more bicycles, many unclaimed from the police pound where they store stolen and recovered bikes.
The Loading Party Bob Parfitt's contribution White Board and Basketball
David WardJohn HDavid W
Books Yes John - more books Keep going with the books
SashaTony & DavidBaconSarnies
We decided to leave Sasha to it ... ... while Tony and David chatted ... ... and we ate the bacon butties
Nearly FullClosing UpReady to go
Nearly full Closing Up Ready to go
We are enormously grateful to all the donors of what is going out to the Philippines.  Having visited the Philippines as a club earlier in the year we know how overwhelmed they will be by all you have given us.  So many thanks to you all, too many to mention here.  We also are very grateful to Tony and Sasha Lord, club members and also the owners of PP Removals, without whom the storage of it all and the logistics of the whole operation would not have been possible.

We are hoping to repeat this exercise in 2010, so please let us know if you have any items at all similar that we could include in our next aid container.

Addendum 3rd December: having just listed out all the equipment we've sent, to ward the Filipinos what's coming, I am including it here for the interest of all those who helped us:
1.    An ultrasound machine - a Hitachi (not the same model as the ones we sent last time, but suitable for pre-natal use) complete with two probes (a linear 7.5MHz and a curved array 305MHz).
2.    A single, very heavy box containing a range of medical (surgical, maybe laproscopic) instruments.
3.    Disposable "wet wipes" - again, another pallet load.  They should be useful in health centre and hospitals
4.    Boxes of tooth care kits - packs with a child's toothbrush and tube of toothpaste - several thousand I imagine - a full pallet load anyway. We remember well Jun taking us to a school where the kids were being shown how to brush their teeth.
5.    Computers (CPUs, monitors, etc) - probably (at a wild guess) about 60 CPUs and 60 monitors.  Many of the CPUs are from the schools, where they've been used in the school network.  They are not all that old - Windows XP era, and should work fine.  There'll be many others of varying ages and states of repair.   There is at least one laptop (minus hard drive unfortunately); maybe more.  We hope to send more laptops next time.  I've no idea what software they have installed.  There are bundles of mice, keyboards, network cables, and other bits,  Have fun sorting that lot out!  I'd like to think that several of the computers can go to the schools in Leyte that we visited in February (c/o Rico Rentuza and Jane Araneta) and in Boljoon and Granada (c/o Antoinette Gould).  
6.    Some printers and other computer peripherals
7.    At least one TV (though it will be a UK standard, so not sure if it will function in the Philippines - apologies if not).
8.    A fully working photocopier.
9.    Small amount of gymnasium equipment including a pair of basketball nets and backboards.  The basketball stuff all comes from a school gym - a complete, very professional looking set up.  It's in several pieces, so anything in the container that is a light blue piece of metal is probably part of it.  There are four sheets of board that all are part of it.  And, of course, two hoops and baskets painted dark yellow.
10.    Several boxes (maybe 40) of assorted books including secondary school text books, sets of encyclopaedias, some hymn books.  I'd like to think that a good lot of these can go to the schools in Leyte and Boljoon, as above.
11.    Boxes of pens (1000 per box) - a complete pallet load
12.    Some school science equipment (a few boxes of microscopes, a couple of boxes of chemistry lab equipment, and a few boxes containing some sort of electrical meters - not sure what they are for) - can some of this go to Leyte?  Rico knows which secondary school it was that we visited that particularly asked for science equipment.
13.    Several bundles of assorted clothing - much of it used to pack out the spaces in the container.  Much of it is children's clothing I believe.
14.    Several Disney character soft toys - for the REACH school, perhaps?
15.    Elementary school furniture (mainly desks and chairs for younger children) - about two classrooms' worth, I think
16.    Folding chairs (adult size), promotional items from a pet food company near us
17.    A few bicycles that we couldn't ship last time
18.    Some boxes, marked with a large red "A", which are Allan's and the rest of the GSE team's personal goods

Thank you to all who made such a wide range and large amount of stuff available. 

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Christmas Tree Display in St. Mary's Church

The Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray displayed a Christmas Tree with ?Rotary Activities? as the theme at the 2009 annual St Mary?s Church Christmas Tree Festival which was held between 4th and 8th December 2009.
Pam Wiggins, Kate Theobald, Adrienne Holland, Wendy Davies, John and Jane Horn all contributed towards getting everything organised including supplying the tree, tables, lights etc. and the artistic talents of all the helpers who made the decorations, obviously learnt from watching Blue Peter in their youth.
Many people from far and wide visited the festival and we hope that we have managed to let people know what Rotary is all about.

Thanks to Kate Theobald for co-ordinating this.


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Flower Bulbs for Blind People

In the lead up to Christmas the President of the club, David Ward, and other members (Pam Wiggins, Bill Glancy) presented approximately 35 pots of hyacinths to the Vista group for the Blind, and their helpers, on 10th December 2009 at Gloucester House.

The bulbs, pots, compost and moss were obtained by Pam Wiggins from a variety of sources, including generous sponsorship from Gates' Garden Centre, Market Overton.  Pam spent a happy evening earlier in the week potting up the plants.  While the presentation was going on the ladies at Vista found Pam a job to do so as to re-soften her hands after her unaccustomed manual toil.


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Christmas Food Parcels for the Older, Needy People of Melton

Four local organisations participated both financially and physically in the annual food parcel project for the elderly needy of Melton, with over 500 parcels of food items being delivered on Monday 14th December 2009 as a result.

The four organisations contributing some 550 each plus many manhours of labour and organisation in the project are : -
The financial contributions were complemented by food collections at both Tesco's and Morrison's during the Friday and Saturday.  We thank the shoppers of Melton for buying that one extra item to put in our collection trollies - they make so much difference at this time of year.  The purchased and donated produce was sorted, stacked and packed ready for delivery over the same weekend.

This very rewarding project and worthwhile project has been undertaken for about 28 years, with Mike Pell (Lions), being the organiser for the last 20 years.

All the Service organisations involved are extremely grateful to the two supermarkets Tesco's and Morrison's who allow the collection of food products in their stores for this event.

Xmas ParcelsXmas ParcelsXmas Parcels
Xmas ParcelsStacking of soups, biscuits, tea, salmon,
     fruit, biscuits, mince pies etc

Mince Pie Mountain
    - guess how many (answer below)

Awaiting loading

The delivery crews
Xmas Parcels

The photograph shows approx. 3200 pies

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Burns' Night Celebrations

Another excellent night of fun and fellowship was enjoyed by 65 members, friends and guests at a Burns' Night dinner held on the 23rd January 2010 at Sysonby Knoll hotel, who again royally hosted the event with traditional Burns' fare, ambiance and genial hospitality.  Thanks to Ben and Claire Abbott, along with Club Service team for the planning and organising of the occasion. 

Members and friends of our Club were joined by guests of Sysonby Knoll, plus a group from Melton Round Tablers, to a most enjoyable evening celebrating the Life and works of 'The Scottish Bard Robbie Burns', as well as raising approx 250 for Rotary charities.

The event packed evening included: -

Burns Night Burns Night

A most enjoyable event, achieving all objectives set for the evening, Fun, Celebration of Burns, Raising cash for charities, allowing Scots in Club at least once a year a bit of freedom to show off their heritage.

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Youth Speaks

Melton?s two Rotary Clubs sponsored three teams in this year?s Rotary Youth Speaks competition.

The local heat was held in November 2009 with the winners and runners-up in the intermediate and senior sections taking part in the district semi-finals in January and February 2010 at the Walton Girls? School in Grantham.

Melton Young Farmers were the representative team in the intermediate section, ably coached by Emma Lovegrove, a past winner of the competition. They were by far the youngest team in the semi-final and although they didn?t progress any further in the competition, they will have learnt a great deal from the experience, especially if they choose to compete again next year.

King Edward VII / Interact team, and the John Ferneley College team participated in the senior competition and were supported and trained by Kathryn Bloodworth and Jon Beaver respectively.
KEVIIJohn FerneleyYoung Farmers
Young Farmers John Ferneley College King Edward VII / Interact 

The standard of public speaking in this year?s senior semi-final was very high, and although neither team made it through to the district final they acquitted themselves very well, speaking on the Nineties v The Noughties and Freedom and Responsibilities.

All the teams deserve much respect and also to be congratulated for speaking so confidently and with such aplomb to a critical audience of adults.

Linda Moore, Eric Sylt

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Induction of new member, Julia Hinde, 8th February 2010

The Rotary Club of Harpenden acted as the formal proposer for Rtn. Julia Hinde to be transferred as a member of their Club to that of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray.  However President David requested that the honour of proposal and of induction be his, with due justification in that Julia's father, Rex Barber, a long serving member of our Club, introduced President David into our Club for the first time in the early 1980's.  Julia's mother Joyce also participates in the activities of Rotary, through Ladies in Rotary, and other social events of our Club.
Julia Hinde
Rtn. Julia has recently moved back into the area, now living in Burton Lazars.  Julia will initially join the ComVoc committee, but has in the recent past been involved with many Youth projects in her Harpenden Club.

All Club members extend their best wishes to Julia in her relocation and membership of our 'family'.

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Anthony Smith - Our club's Group Study Exchange delegate to the Philippines

Anthony Smith one of the delegates for the 2010 District 1070 GSE team to the Philippines made an excellent presentation to the Club on 8th February 2010 covering his qualifications, vocational training and experiences.  The enthusiasm and presence of Anthony throughout the presentation fully justified the Club's nomination and sponsorship for a place in the GSE team.
Ant Smith
Anthony will be joined by three other delegates, all female, plus team leader Mike Brearley on their trip leaving at the end of the week for some 4 weeks in Philippines.  This is a return visit as the Philippine team visited our District 1070 in Sept/Oct of 2009.

President David on behalf of the club presented Anthony with 12 Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray banners and a cheque to value of 100 to assist in his expenses possibly for gifts to be given to host families etc.  All members of the Club wished Anthony every success in this unique opportunity and adventure, and hoped that he and the rest of the team would visit R. C. of Melton Mowbray on their return to present their experiences.

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Thanks for Life, End Polio Now

To promote Rotary's campaign to "End Polio Now" the two rotary clubs in Melton Mowbray rented a stall at the Melton market on 23rd February.  This gave us the opportunity to tell people about the campaign and how close we are to achieving the goal of eradicating polio world-wide for ever.  We also took the chance to publicise the work we do with Shelter Boxes, Aquaboxes, and other Rotary programmes such as ICE.

The Interactors of King Edward V11 School also organised a collection in the school for Rotary week 'Thanks for Life'.

Thanks for Life
TFL1 TFL2 KEVII Interact

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Indian Evening in aid of the End Polio Now campaign

As part of the "Thanks for Life - End Polio Now" campaign across the UK, three of the Rotary Clubs in Melton and Rutland combined in a "Bollywood Evening" at the
The Dining Room Indian restaurant in Oakham.  55 members and friends of the three clubs enjoyed a wonderful meal and great fellowship, also raising over 500 towards the eradication of polio.  Many thanks to Amin, the proprietor of the restaurant and his staff, for looking after us all so well.

TFL Indian Evening
Indian EveningIndian EveningIndian Evening

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Long Field School Year 7s Raise Money for a Shelter Box

Long Field School's year 7 pupils were concerned by the stories coming from Haiti following the recent terrible earthquake, so decided to raise money to help.  They did fantastically well with a wide range of fund raising efforts among their friends and families, including selling cakes, lollipops, filling in the white of a Union Jack with coins and many, many other novel ideas.  Rotary International has sent well over 10,000 Shelter Boxes to Haiti to help the displaced families to re-establish some sort of a normal life.  The Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray were delighted on 26th February 2010 to be presented with a cheque from the pupils for 423.31 which, with some other small donations we have received from other kind donors, will pay the 490 needed to send another Shelter Box to people affected by natural disasters.

A Shelter Box contains all the living needs for a family of 10 people - including tent, cooking equipment and eating utensils, water purification equipment, carpentry tools, waterproof clothing, blankets, and even colouring books and crayons for the children.

TentShelter BocShelter BocCheque

Well done Long Field year 7s!

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Melton Tigers Celebrate

Our Community and Vocational Committee and Ladies in Rotary teamed up to organise a surprise 70th Birthday Tea Party for John Hack at the King Edward V11 School on Friday 5th March 2010.

The party was a result of a request by John's daughter-in-law, to help in recognising the work John puts into organising the Tigers Club, a group of disabled adults that meet weekly in the school to play a range of games including carpet bowls, soft darts, pool, table games etc. The group who were very appreciative of the evening tucked into food and drink provided and served by members of our Community and Vocational committee and Ladies in Rotary.
Photo's show: -
o    John Hack mid-puff blowing out birthday cake candles.
o    Tigers Club in full flow tucking into food and drink
o    Servers for the event plus John's daughter-in-law Linda
Melton Tigers Melton Tigers Melton Tigers Melton Tigers

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Ladies in Rotary 60th Birthday Party

In recognition of the 60th year of our Ladies in Rotary organisation, a seated celebration Tea party for 20 past and present members was held on March 9th, 2010 at the home of Pam Ward, this year's President.
Past club members Maureen Precious, Joan Crosher, and Gill Hurst reminisced with old and new friends whilst tucking in to home made cakes, tarts, sandwiches, jam and cream scones, plus leaf tea served in china crockery from silver and china teapots - to reflect the norm in the 'good old days'.
A birthday cake was an added treat to a most enjoyable afternoon.
Thanks to all those ladies who slaved away making the goodies, and for searching through family heirlooms to provide the silverware and china for the occasion, at the point of writing - no breakages recorded!
Ladies in RotaryLadies in RotaryLadies in RotaryLadies in Rotary
Cake and Silverware Tea party, half of attendees! Old friends reminisce Ladies last minute creaming of scones

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Group Study Exchange Team return
We've had this report from the Philippines of the district GSE team's return from the central Philippines.  No doubt we'll hear a lot more about the visit from the team themselves in the near future.  The Melton Mowbray Rotary Club put Anthony Smith forward for this exchange, and are delighted to hear he had a successful visit.

"By now Mike and the rest of he team should be on the flight back to England after their memorable 28 day tour across the Visayas and some parts of Mindanao. They are a super super team and all of us here had a great and wonderful time hosting them. I am sure that they very much enjoyed themselves as well with the gracious hosting of our host Rotarians, our excellent Conference and the various sights, sounds, drinks and food that most would have been quite unique and a first time experience for them. A lot of people have also been touched by their involvement in some of our projects and the sharing of their vocations with local counterparts here.

In behalf of our DG Tony and our Chair Me'anne, please allow me to acknowledge once again for your efforts and vision in arranging this exchange. We will never forget you and everyone's warm hospitality and the tremendous experience we had a as a team there in England. Thank you also for sending over these five wonderful people over to visit our shores. Daghang salamat.

Hopefully they will bring back to their clubs some of the service opportunities and challenges of our projects here, promote our country as a viable travel destination, continue their involvement with Rotary's and the Foundations' goals and make this visit an unforgettable life experience.

We look forward to seeing them all again sometime soon.

Thank you and best regards.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Allan Limas"
14th March 2010
GSE team in PhilippinesGSE team in PhilippinesGSE team in PhilippinesGSE team in Philippines
GSE team in PhilippinesGSE team in PhilippinesGSE team in PhilippinesGSE team in Philippines

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Induction of new member, Ian Neale, 15th March 2010

Ian Neale, the third new member of the Rotary year was inducted into the Club on Monday 15th March 2010 by President David Ward, and warmly welcomed by all members present, many having known Ian for numerous years.  Ian, whose classification is Building Surveyor, is retired from full time employment but has taken on the onerous role of project managing the refurbishment of the magnificent Launde Abbey.  In addition to this major involvement in Launde Abbey, Ian has other numerous community roles including involvement in St Mary's and other local Churches, masterminding the annual Christmas tree festival, member and chairman of the Raynes Trust and many, many more interests and challenges, including ownership of a Triumph Stag classic car.
Ian is married to Dina, and they have a daughter.
Overall a genuinely 'good egg'.
Ian Neale Induction

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3 Peaks Challenge

Several members of the club and  friends have decided to undertake the challenge of climbing the 3 highest peaks in each of Scotland, England and Wales this coming June. The aim is to complete the three peaks inside 24 hours.  For more details see the 3 Peaks Challenge page on  this web site. At the moment we have 7 Rotarians and 2 friends.  But after this weekend's first training walk will we all continue?

The walk on 20th March 2010 was around the northern edge of Kinder Scout, in the Peak District.  We managed to choose what must have been about the wettest day of the year for the walk.  As Tony said afterwards, "If it says it's waterproof it probably isn't! Take plenty of spare clothes."  We all completed the walk, but in a much longer time than we had anticipated.  We all realised just how much fitness will be needed for the real event.

That said, it was a wonderful place to walk, and the views are probably fantastic when the rain clouds lift.  It's just better not to fall in the crevasses in the snow.  (Nor to go swimming in the Peaks in March - no pictures of that!)

Kinder ScoutKinder ScoutKinder ScoutKinder Scout

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Charter Night
Scalford Hall hosted the 82nd Charter Night celebration of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray on 22nd March 2010.  Everyone enjoyed a great evening of fun and occasional frivolity, all excellently organised by President-elect John Horn in honour of this year's President David Ward.  We were delighted to have the director of Rotary International, David Liddiatt, as our main speaker to inform and entertain us.  He travelled all the way from Bristol to be with us.

Two presentations were made on the night:
Club members Tony and Sasha Lord were presented with individual Paul Harris Fellowships in recognition of their unstinting support in collecting, storing, sorting, packing and shipping containers of humanitarian aid for the Philippines.

And Diana Osborne was selected by President David as Rotarian of the Year, following her tireless efforts in so many activities of the club since she joined, culminating in raising the funds for four Shelter Boxes to be sent for disaster relief.

David LiddiattDiana Osborne Top BrassFellowship
InteractFellowshipTony & Sasha LordFellowship
David LiddiatTable ViewDick ParsleyDavid Ward
Photos 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8, courtesy of the Melton Times

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Fun Shooting Night

The 2010 shooting evening took place on 30th March this year.

Some16 small bore rifle markspersons, 14 men, one lady and one boy, met at the Holwell Rifle Club on Tuesday evening for a social shooting night with our good friends from the Rotary Club of Rutland, and for the Annual competition to elect the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray's champion for the year. 

This annual event, has been held almost continually since 1953, as a competition between Rotary Club of Rutland and our own Club for the 'Dick Turpin Trophy', unfortunately the passage of time has led this year to Rutland being short of a fully competitive team, but are happy to continue as a social event.  Five members from Rutland attended.
This year's competition was over two disciplines prone or bench shooting, along with LSR (Light weight Sports Rifle).
The New Champion for 2010 was Phil Bendall winning both disciplines:
Shooting          Shooting
In equal Second place was David Ward, Gavin Howling and Tony Lord
In equal Third place was Joe Carrington and Richard Simmons from Rutland
The Highest Rutland Score earned Richard Simmons an Easter egg to show off to the Rutland Club members.
James Howling, young son of Jenny and Gavin, was very impressive shooting consistently high scores with an air rifle in the pistol range, also earned an Easter egg.

For the full gory detail of the scores click here to open the spreadsheet.

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3 Peaks Challenge

As a follow-up to our very wet and generally unpleasant first training walk in March, our April day (11th April 2010) on Kinder Scout was a complete contrast. We had wonderfully fine weather, everyone was feeling far better than on the previous walk, and we completed the circuit up Jacobs Ladder, across the edge of the Scout to Nether Tor and down well inside the target time.

For more details see the 3 Peaks Challenge page on  this web site.

Kinder Scout, April
Kinder Scout, AprilKinder Scout, April Kinder Scout, April

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Induction of new member: Brian Giller

The  induction of Brian Giller as a new member to our club took place on Monday 12th April 2010.
Brian is a vastly experienced Rotarian with many years of Rotary service in UK and overseas.  He is married to Barbara, who is a member of Ladies in Rotary Brian and Barbara have already attended many of our functions, and Brian has previously spoken to the Club (in February) about his Rotary experiences in South Africa, so is not unknown to our members.

 Brian's experience of Rotary stretches back many years in that he was President of his East London Club in South Africa in 1997, then continued his Rotary involvement and became D.G. of District 9320 in 2001.  Returning to the UK, they moved to Lancashire where Brian became a member of R.C. of Rossendale in 2007/8, before moving to Melton Mowbray.

Brian was warmly welcomed into his new club by all members present.

Brian Giller's Induction Brian Giller's Induction

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The Big Duck Race

The Duck Race was the brain child of Pam Wiggins, the Community and Vocational Chairman for the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray.  TwinLakes Director, Phil Bendall,  was eager to support the event and made the park facilities available to the members of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray.
This was the first ever Duck Race to be held at Twinlakes Park and it took place on Sunday 11th April.  This followed a 12 day period of Rotarians asking visitors to the Park to sponsor the ducks and be allocated with a Duck Number.  There was also a side competition to Name the Duck..
On any other day we would have prayed for fine weather.  On the Race day we prayed for wind. A Duck Run was tried at around 11.30am to check the wind direction.  The 2 ducks trialled hit the bank on the other side of the lake within minutes.
At the Start Time of 3.00pm the crowds surrounded one side of the lake.  Everyone was ready as the Ducks were launched from a tarpaulin into the water .  There were a few nervous minutes when the wind died down and we had to wait for the wind to whip up again.  Up came the wind and 3 pink ducks made a break for it.  The others tried hard to follow, but the pinkies were pulling away from the pack. They reached the other bank.
The winners had been decided.

Duck Race 2010Duck Race 2010

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Warsaw Wilanow Anniversary Gala Ball

President David Ward attended the 15th Anniversary Gala Ball of our 'Twin' Club the Rotary Club of Warsaw Wilanow over the weekend of 14/16th May 2010.

President Jan Papina and our old friend Joergen Hansen royally hosted President David over the three day visit which with the Gala Ball, included a 'Drinking and American food reception' at the American Embassy in aid of the local police and security services charities, a visit to the old city and Royal Summer Palace near Warsaw.

Although the Rotary Club of Warsaw Wilanow also has twinning relationships with the Rotary Clubs of Munich and Milan, President David was the only visiting Rotarian from the 150 Club Rotarians and guests present - so was made exceptionally welcome as the only 'President' wearing significant regalia, having to pose for photographs, and forced to drink copious quantities of fluids to reciprocate greetings and toasts.

Photo's show President David with President Jan and Joergen hansen at Summer palace, and President David, President Jan, wife Barbara, and Joergen Hansen still standing and sober at Chopin Vodka bar around 1.30am with hours to go!

Warsaw  Warsaw

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3 Peaks Challenge - to the Lakes

The training continues.  Four of the 3 Peaks Challenge team went up to the Lake District over the weekend of 15th-16th May 2010, for some more taxing walking and to test out our abilities on Scafell Pike - one of the mountains we will climb during the challenge itself.

On Saturday we climbed just over 8,000 vertical feet, in three ascents.  This included the Great Gable, Kirk Fell and part of the Mosedale Horseshoe.  We did a couple of long scree run descents, which not everyone enjoyed!

On the Sunday we climbed Scafell, reaching the top in 3 minutes short of two hours, and the complete walk in 3 hours 20 minutes.  Maybe not a world record, but it has given us confidence in achieving the 24 hour target for completing all the peaks.  Now, we keep up the training, work on the logistics, and ask for your sponsorship.  Remember the super charities we are doing this for (see here).
Lakes Training Lakes Training Lakes Training
Great Gable Scafell Pike from afar Lunch
Lakes TrainingLakes TrainingLakes Training
Looking into Ennerdale Descent from the Mosedale horseshoe The end

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Interact Charter Celebration

'The 2010 Charter Celebration and President's Handover of the King Edward V11 Interact Club took place on Tuesday 18th June 2010 at the King Edward V11 School, attended by Interact President Ellie Grove, Incoming President Natalie Grindey, District Governor District 1070 Dick Parsley, the two sponsoring Melton Rotary Club Presidents David Ward and Tony Wallis, along with a few members of the two Rotary Clubs and teachers, plus a good representation from the Interact Club members.

After the formalities of the Presidential handover, reviewing a successful year, and setting the plans for next year, light refreshments were served rounding off a most enjoyable and rewarding event. 

Casual discussions with some of the Interact members Interact president 2009/10 Ellie Grove handing over to incoming President 2010/11 Natalie Grindey D.G. District 1070 Dick Parsley, incoming King Edward VII Interact President Natalie Grindey, Presidents of the two Melton Rotary Clubs Tony Wallis and David Ward, along with outgoing President Interact Ellie Grove
Interact CharterInteract CharterInteract Charter

Good luck to all those students heading off to University, and to those remaining to take on the reins of the successful King Edward V11 Interact Club.

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Philippines Rotary Club Donates Melton Computers to Alternative Learning Centres

The Rotary Club of Mactan, in Cebu, Philippines, sent a "Certificate of Donation" to the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray in June 2010, in to confirm the donation of computers to several Alternative Learning Centres in Cebu, Philippines.  The computers were sent initially to Cebu by the Melton club as part of a large shipment of educational and medical items. The items all originated from various schools, companies and people in and around Melton Mowbray.

The alternative learning centres are explained in the attached file: click here

Jun Ferreros, one of the Rotary district officers in Cebu, wrote:

"Thank you for working very hard in enabling us to bring hope to those because of the accident of birth , are in a much worse condition than we are in.These are the people whom we can describe as those who are too poor to live.

The " classroom without borders" described by the teachers are being held in the jails, spaces under the bridge, in chapels, open spaces, dumpsites. etc.
The teachers  lack basic educational materials- pencils, paper, blackboards. With their meager salaries which do not come on time- they have to buy their own Manila paper so they can write their lessons.
But despite all that, things are being accomplished and people are being educated. According to Education Secretary Lapus  "Thanks to the efforts of these esteemed educators and the DepEd, the term "out of school" does not mean "uneducated."
Best Regards

Donation certificate

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3 Peaks Challenge - Another visit to the Peak District
We are nearing the end of the training - only 10 days to go before we start the challenge itself.  Four of the 3 Peaks Challenge team went up to the Peak District on Saturday 12th June 2010 for some more exercise and to test out how our fitness has developed. We walked a couple of steep ascents we had done early in our training sessions, and were all pleased to find we got up considerable more easily than previously.  It augers well for the challenge itself.

From Hayfield we went up to Kinder reservoir and on up William Clough onto Kinder Scout.  A loop round the edge of the moor past Kinder Downfall took us to the descent back into Hayfield. In an attempt to simulate the effects on the challenge itself of stopping walking, sitting in cars for several hours, then having to get the legs working again, we then stopped in Hayfield for lunch, jumped in the car and drove round to Barber Booth.  Certainly it was a slow process getting the legs moving again, but that soon wore off and we ascended Jacob's Ladder in good time.  Up onto the moor then back down Crowden Brook back to the car and the journey home.  About 5 hours walking should have helped us prepare for the challenge ahead.

For details of the 3 Peaks Challenge and the good causes for which we are raising the sponsorship see here.
Lakes Training3 Peaks Training, June 2010
Top of William Clough The views were wonderful
Lakes Training 3 Peaks Training, June 2010
Kinder Downfall Where do we go now?

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The 3 Peaks - The Story of a Challenge
After several months of planning and training, a team of 10 from the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray undertook the challenge of climbing all three of the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours towards the end of June 2010, all with the aim of raising funds to support various local and international charity efforts of the club (click here for details or to sponsor us).  The team of walkers was Phil Bendall, Joe Carrington, John Dehnel, Ron Edwards, Chris Hall, Gavin Howling and Tony Lord, supported by the logistics team of Sue Hall, Steve Jeal and David Ward. The training, which is detailed in other stories on this site, started in March, followed by several days of increasingly strenuous walks in the Peak District.  We went up to the Lake District in May to sample some higher mountains, and then on the 21st June set off to Scotland with the supportive good luck wishes of the club in our minds. We stopped in Carlisle on the way up, knowing that we would have plenty of time to drive the additional four hours to Fort William the next day.  We had planned to start walking around 5pm, and in the event set off at 16.56 from the Youth Hostel at the food of Ben Nevis, allowing an evening ascent of this first mountain, an early morning climb to the top of Scafell Pike and an afternoon "stroll" to complete the challenge on Snowdon.  A total of 11,000 feet of climbing, 20 miles of walking and about 500 miles of driving between the mountains.  The last of these three, the driving, accounted for the efforts of our fantastic three logistics team - who drove, fed and watered us between the mountains, an essential ingredient of any such expedition.  Many thanks are owed to them.

Rather than relate the story of each peak individually, suffice it to say that all three went quite uneventfully.  That is to say: which way do we go?  Up, then down.  For time reasons we had necessarily chosen the shortest but therefore the steepest routes.  None needed any real climbing - certainly no rope work, but were all daunting in their own ways. All three mountains demanded a
steady but unrelenting pace up almost continuous ascents.  Snowdon, which started very gently, ended with a real sting in the tail for the final ascent.  We failed to get lost on the mountains, other than a brief diversion on a rather long "short cut" down Ben Nevis.  We each had a slightly varying natural pace, but the teams stayed together to arrive at the top of each climb all together.  We were lucky with the weather, particularly in that we had reasonable visibility from the top of each - some cloud but views each time of the valleys below.  Not that we had much time to admire the views.  There was only time for a quick photo and off back down, being particularly careful at the top of Ben Nevis as there are some sheer drops in the wrong direction!   We completed Ben Nevis in 5 hours flat, Scafell Pike in 3 hours 40 minutes, and Snowdon in 3 hours 33 minutes, completing the whole expedition in 23 hours 7 minutes - almost a relaxed finish after a very hectic previous day or so.

For details of the 3 Peaks Challenge and the good causes for which we are raising the sponsorship see here.

If you can offer to sponsor our efforts and support our good causes, see details here.

The journey to the start:
Start Carlisle stop-over Loch Lomond Ben Nevis Inn
Starting out from Sysonby Knoll Carlisle stop-over Loch Lomond Ben Nevis Inn (note - no alcohol!)

Ben Nevis:
Ben NevisBen NevisBen Nevis Ben Nevis
Last minute preparation The approach to Ben Nevis from the start Setting off from near the Youth Hostel Across to the foothills
Ben Nevis Ben Nevis Ben Nevis Ben Nevis
Bridging the many streams Views from the top
Nearly there
Scafell Pike Ben Nevis Ben Nevis Ben Nevis
Snow - Bob beware! The summit cairn One down (or rather, up), two to go Ben Nevis conquered

Scafell Pike:
Scafell PikeScafell Pike Scafell Pike
Setting off before dawn Summit cairn The long descent
Scafell Pike Scafell Pike
Over the river Nearing the finish

Snowdon SnowdonSnowdon Snowdon
The start Views from the top Nearing the summit The summit cairn
Snowdon SnowdonSnowdonSnowdon
Careful descents Nearing the finish

The End!
The EndThe End

Please support Rotary Kids Out, Shelter Boxes and the Eradication of Polio.  Click here.

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On Monday June 28th 2010 the local heat of the Young Designer Competition was held at King Edward VII School. This competition is based upon GCSE, A/S and A level Design course work in Textiles, Resistant Materials (wood, metal, plastic), graphics and electronics and is designed to encourage schools to enter their most outstanding project submissions. Entries were judged on both their innovative and practical attributes.

The standard of work, the quality of the design and workmanship and the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the students were impressive. Entries submitted for adjudication by John Tyers (Soar Valley RC)  were as follows:-

Michael Fiford - Electronic Products - Tennis serve accuracy trainer
Ryan Wade - Electronic Products - press-up exercise counter
Georgia Pearson - Graphic Products - display stand and packaging for bracelets
Nayan Mistry - Graphic Products - display stand and packaging for aftershave
Sophie Freestone - Product Design - jewellery box
Chloe Kutkus Morton ? Textiles ? white chiffon dress
Beth Jackson ? Textiles ? blue party dress with pink belt
Katy Horsman ? Food Technlogy ? Chicken wrapped with prosciutto, stuffed with dolcelatta cheese
Natalie Mepsted ? Food Technology -  steak & mushroom short crust pie

A big WELL DONE to all entrants and special CONGRATULATIONS to the winners who were:-

1st Prize: Beth Jackson
2nd Prize: Katy Horsman

The District Final was held at The Masque Kettering on 26th June. We had two entries, they were Georgia Pearson and Michael Fiford.  Michael?s Tennis Trainer was commended for the most commercially viable project and he received a gift voucher for 25.

Young DesignerYoung Designer Young Designer Young Designer
The photographs show Beth Jackson, Katy Horsman, Michael Fiford and  Georgia Pearson.
Certificates were presented by Rotarian Maggie Wilson,
Also pictured is David Wilson who is Head of Design at King Edward  VII School.

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Kids Out 2010
The annual Kids Out day was held on 9th June 2010, when Rotary Clubs from around District 1070 took 2,387 disadvantaged children to Wicksteed Park in Kettering for a day's fun and enjoyment.  The two Melton Rotary Clubs took 40 children from the Grove School and arranged for 100 children from Birchwood school, together with their helpers, to go also.

A few photos illustrate some of the fun had by the children:

Kids OutKids Out Kids Out Kids Out
Kids OutKids Out Kids Out Kids Out
Kids Out Kids Out Kids Out Kids Out
Kids Out Kids Out Kids Out Kids Out
Kids Out Kids Out Kids Out Kids Out

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Presidential Citation for 2009-2010
On Monday 23rd August, Immediate Past President David Ward received the Presidential Citation on behalf of the Club from last year's Assistant Governor for Area B Robert Bracegirdle. Also in attendance was 2010/11 Assistant Governor Garner Roberts.

Only 41 Clubs out of 87 in our District 1070 achieved the necessary criteria to achieve the Presidential Citation qualifications, which require the Club to be involved in a range of activities, including Polio eradication projects, Public image of Rotary, Service projects, Vocational Service and to have achieved a positive movement on membership.

Presidential Citation presentation

The 2009/10 Committee chairs and all Club members should be very proud to have achieved this recognition of achievement, as should the President of the club for 2009-2010, David Ward, who led the club to such a notable achievement.

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