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July 2010 - June 2011
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In this section are held items that appeared on the News page of the web site during John Horn's year as President, largely relating to club events and activities.


Induction of Bill Hill
We were delighted to welcome Bill Hill, a very experienced Rotarian, to the club in June 2011.  Bill has transferred to RC Melton Mowbray from Wellingborough Hatton as a result of his house move to Langham.
Bill Hill Induction


Safari Supper 2011
The Club held its annual Safari Supper this year on the 11th June. Absence on holidays reduced the numbers attending, but 19 members, partners and friends enjoyed the traditional format of an evening spent in 4 different locations, for starter, main course, dessert and cheese/biscuits with coffee, and in ever-changing company. This year's arrangements saw all meeting for drinks and canapés on Dalby Road, scattering elsewhere in Melton and as far as Ashwell for their main course, returning to Ab Kettleby and Melton again, before ending up reunited in Hamilton Drive.

All agreed that it had been a most enjoyable social event, also adding £90 to charitable funds. The President warmly thanked all who had provided hospitality and attended.


Kids Out 2011
The annual Kids Out day was held on 8th June 2011, when Rotary Clubs from around District 1070 took 2,223 disadvantaged children to Wicksteed Park in Kettering for a day's fun and enjoyment. The Melton Mowbray club took 100 children from Birchwood, 30 from St. Mary's and 34 from Swallowdale schools, along with several school teachers and helpers from the Rotary club. This was part of a nationwide day out, with some 540 clubs across Britain and Ireland taking part, with an estimated 25,000 children enjoying a day out. The club was pleased to receive excellent feedback. The schools reported that the children were extremely well fed with lots of choices with their lunch and snacks. The supervision was great and all of the children had a wonderful time and were positively buzzing when they returned to school at the end of the day. The plastic capes kindly donated by Phil Bendall at Twinlakes came in very useful when we had the first and only downpour shortly after arriving at Wicksteed. After that first 15 minutes the weather held fine all day. All schools thought that the package of the tee shirts, back packs, plastic capes and baseball caps was excellent.

These photos illustrate some of the fun had by the children:

Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out
Kids OutKids OutKids OutKids Out

Several "Thank You" cards were received by the club:
Thanks LettersThanks LettersThanks Letters
Thanks LettersThanks LettersThanks Letters
Thanks LettersThanks Letters


Presidential Citation Awarded
At the club meeting on 16th May 2011 Assistant Governor Garner Roberts presented the club with the Presidential Citation for 2010-11, which was received with gratitude by President John Horn.  Both Garner and John paid tribute to the hard work and successes of the club in achieving this award.

Presidential Citation

Ben Abbott Awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship
President John Horn was pleased to take the occasion of our Annual General meeting on 16th May to ask Assistant Governor Garner Roberts to present a Paul Harris Fellowship to Ben Abbott in recognition of his excellent service to the club, with many events being run under his guidance.  President John particularly mentioned Ben's successes in involving the community in the club's activities.

Ben Abbott's PHF Award


Jim Schofield joins the Club
The 11th April 2011 saw the induction into the club of another new member, Jim Schofield, who has transferred from the Melton Mowbray Belvoir club to the "lunch time club" following changes in his personal commitments.

The President of the Melton Rotary Club was pleased to welcome and induct Jim and wished him well with us.

New member's induction


The Big Duck Race, 2nd May 2011

The Easter and May Bank Holiday period once again saw the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray hard at work fund raising at Twin Lakes.  This is the second year that Twinlakes has been kind enough to open their park to us for the Duck Race in order to raise money for Rotary charities. In this case the main beneficiary will be the annual 'Kids Out' event which sees local Rotarians taking deserving children to a leisure park for a day.  Other charities supported are a literacy project for children, bulbs for the blind at Christmas, and Christmas parcels for older and needy folk in the Melton community.

This year's event was the second Duck Race to be held at Twinlakes Park and it took place on Monday 2nd May in glorious sunshine and, thankfully, a strong breeze.  The latter at least made sure the ducks blew to the shore in a record time. This followed a 12 day period of Rotarians asking visitors to the Park to sponsor the ducks and be allocated with a Duck Number - visitors from all over the country (and a few overseas) were generous in their support. Support was so great again this year that over 2500 duck numbers were sold.  This meant that once again the prize money had to be tripled since there are only 1000 ducks in the race and each duck could have up to three 'owners'.  This year duck 'sales' reached a staggering £3,868.50 and with the addition of some very generous donations the total income was almost £4,000.

On 'Race Day' a large crowd gathered at the lake to cheer on their ducks. Rotarians David Ward and Gavin Howling devised a magnificent Duck Launching system, releasing the 1000 plastic ducks from a cage in the middle of the lake.  It was then down to wind-power to propel the contestants across the lake to the designated finishing line. The only challenge the wind gave us this year was that it made towing the launch cage out to the middle of the lake in a rowing boat a tough assignment for Gavin Howling.  But with James Howling's assistance he made it successfully and the ducks were off.  This was a year for yellow ducks.  They outstripped the blues and pinks, and very shortly the first three ducks quacked into the winning tape.

Duck Race Duck RaceDuck Race
Duck Race                      Duck Race

Duck number 663 reached the finishing line first, winning its three owners £75 each.  The second and third place ducks were 982 and 26 respectively with prize money of £50 and £25 going to their owners.

The generosity and willingness of the visitors at Twin Lakes to sponsor the ducks made all of our efforts worthwhile and the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray would like to thank them all for their support.  
Thanks are also due particularly to Pam Wiggins, and also to the many members of the club who sold tickets and helped with the race itself. We are grateful to Twinlakes Director, Phil Bendall, himself a member of the Melton Mowbray Rotary Club, who supported the event and made the park facilities available to the club members. 

List of Winners

1st Place Duck - Number 663 - each winning £75
2nd Place Duck - Number 982 - each winning £50 (only 2 owners with this number)3rd Place Duck - Number 26 - each winning £25

PS: For our technically-minded readers, the inventor of the duck launcher supplied the following confidential information:


Patent Pending

Applied for on behalf of GAVID Associates

Through Grabbitt, Suem, and Scarpper


Stroke Awareness Day, 9th April 2011

The Rotary Clubs of Melton Mowbray and Melton Mowbray Belvoir joined forces to raise awareness of the dangers of high blood pressure, by offering free blood pressure checks and advice from professional nurses to the people of Melton Mowbray.  181 blood pressure tests were carried out during the day. Of these, 66 people were advised to consult their GPs in the next 4 weeks, and one person was advised to see his GP as soon as possible.  This remarkably high percentage illustrates just how many unknowingly have high blood pressure, which has significant correlation to the risk of suffering a stroke.
Blood pressure testing
Thanks are owed to the nurses who gave up their time to support this important health initiative in the town.


Young Writer, 2011

This year's competition elicited 71 entries in the Junior section. All entrants submitted a piece of prose or poetry. The theme was "Community Spirit". The winner attends St Mary's  Primary School. Presentations are on Friday April 15th. The runner-up attends Asfordby Hill Primary School and a Grove Primary school entrant was Highly Commended. The pictures show the presentations at the Grove School on Tuesday April 12th.

Young Writer 2011Young Writer 2011Young Writer 2011

Jenny Foreman 14/04/11


Container of Aid Goes to the Philippines
Today saw the culmination, at least for the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray, of several months' work collecting items of educational and medical value, all donated by various schools, charities and individuals in support of the poorer communities in Cebu province in the Philippines.  Over the past year many changes have taken place in the Melton schools, and much redundant equipment was likely to be scrapped.  However, what we consider to be out-dated still has much value to those schools and hospitals in the third world that have so little.  The club has been well supported, particularly by Long Field and John Ferneley schools with donations of computers, school books, sports and music equipment.  St. John Ambulance were having to dispose of boxes of dressings no longer of the type useful for their work, but still of great value to others.  Many individuals donated clothing, other school equipment such as pens, children's clothing and school bags, and a friend in the Philippines persuaded his contacts in the publishing world (Ron Watson and David Luper) to donate two pallets of books.  All too many to name individually, but you know who you are, and can be proud of helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

The pictures show the items boxed up and being loaded onto the container, which will arrive in Cebu in mid-May.  The Rotarians in several of the clubs in Cebu will do their usual wonderful and committed job in ensuring this all goes to people who will benefit greatly from it.

Philippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine container
Philippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine container
Philippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine container
Philippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine container
Philippine containerPhilippine containerPhilippine container

John Dehnel, 5th April 2011.


Inauguration of Melton Aurora Rotary Club, 24th March 2011

The Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray Aurora was inaugurated on 24th March.  Below is the article published by the Melton Times, the copy of which we thank them for.
Aurora InaugurationAurora Inauguration

President Jean-Marie Vernon receiving the RIBI banner from RIBI President Jim Moulson



Charter Night, March 2011

Melton Mowbray Rotary Club held its 83rd annual charter dinner, celebrating its founding in 1928, at Scalford Hall on 21st March 2011.  Hosted by President John Horn and attended by 105 guests from Rotary clubs and other service organisations from around Melton and further afield, we heard of some of the successes of the Melton Club in achieving its Rotary ideals.  Toasts were given and responded to by President-elect Pam Posnett, District Governor Roger McDermott, and President John Horn.  The guest speaker, Warren Smith from the Leeds Rotary club, gave us insights into the life of a theatre promoter and of the many stage stars he has met over his career.
Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011
Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011
Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011
Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011
Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011
Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011Charter Night 2011


Young Musician Semi-finals, March 2011

Melton Mowbray again hosted the Rotary 1070 District Northern Semi Final at the Baptist Church on Saturday 5 March.  After an excellent competition the certificates were awarded by Rotarian Terry Gooding, Assistant District Governor.  Standards were very high with many talented young instrumentalists and vocalists taking part presenting an exacting challenge to experienced adjudicator Stuart Corbett.  Winners are now qualified for the District Final stage of the competition which will be held at Melton Theatre on April 3rd.

The quality of the performers is quite fantastic and if you get the chance to attend any of the competition events you will not leave without being impressed by the talent that the young people demonstrate.
The photographs show a mixture of winners and participants receiving their certificates:-
Young MusiciansYoung MusiciansYoung Musicians
Holywell Brass Ensemble (Winner; Junior Group)Montrose Violins (Winner; Intermediate Group)Danielle Grange, Frances Gibson, Naomi Edwards & Alexander Considine (Participants, Senior Solo Instrumental)
Young MusiciansYoung MusiciansYoung Musicians
Isabella Young, Grace Garner, Megan Wood & Sarah Holbrook (Participants, Intermediate Solo Instrumental)Leicester High School for Girls (Winner; Senior Choir) Sam Dye & Avishka Edirisinghe (Winners, Intermediate Solo Instrumental)

Thanks, as ever, go to Sheila Aston, whose exceptional commitment to this competition is a significant factor in its ongoing success.

The 2011 national final will be held at Bedford School, Bedford, on Saturday 21st May.

Jenny Foreman


Four New Members Join the Club
The President of the Melton Rotary Club was pleased to welcome and induct four new members to the club at the meeting on 14th March 2011.  The four are:

New members' induction


Shooting Competition, March 2011

The Club's Annual Fun Shooting competition was held this year on Wednesday 2nd March 2011 at the Holwell Rifle Club, Asfordby Hill.  As in previous years the event was well supported with 13 Rotarians, family and friends from our own Club, plus a contingent of 6 travelers from the Rotary Club of Rutland, stalwarts from the 'good old Dick Turpin' days.  The members of the Holwell Rifle Club again acted as superb mentors, organisers and hosts.

Even the organiser's best efforts to yet again change the rules, and to arrange the date so as to prevent previous 'Champions' such as 'Dead Eye Dehnel', 'Mad Scot Manderson', and 'The Carrington Kid' from attending couldn't get him into a higher finishing position than 15th place.

With a backcloth of aggressive rivalry and fierce banter, the 19 competitors shot 15 rounds (5 @ three targets), in a seated position, aiming to achieve the tightness spread on the target. This being followed by the arm aching LSR (the oxymoron of Light Weight Sports Rifle), shooting 20 rounds at a standard, allegedly static scoring target.  All followed by a buffet and drinks when the results were announced and matched to the earlier excuses.

The results were as follows:-

David Ward


Melton Mowbray Young Musician of the Year
The Melton Rotary Clubs' Young Musician Heats, sponsored by the Melton Mowbray Building Society, took place on the 5th February at the Melton Mowbray Baptist Church. The audience was treated to a feast of good music across the age ranges, with all performers doing well.

Entrants each played two pieces of varied style and length, depending on their age. They were judged by experienced adjudicator Roy Abbey. The event concluded with the announcement that Hannah Bailey is Melton Mowbray Young Musician of the Year 2011.
All the following will appear at the Rotary 1070 District Northern Semi Final to be held at the Baptist Church on Saturday 5 March.
Junior Solo Instrumental
Winner                            Alicia Boothroyd                Clarinet
Runner-Up                       Emma Woodward              Piano
Junior Ensemble Instrumental
Winner                            Gaddesby School Recorder Trio
Intermediate Solo Instrumental
Winner                            Megan Wood                      Flute
Intermediate Solo Vocal
Winner                            Ilea Cavner
Runner-Up                       Hollie Johnson
Senior Solo Instrumental
Winner                            Sara Hall                            Clarinet
Runner-Up                       Danielle Grange                 Clarinet
Senior Solo Vocal
Winner                            Hannah Bailey
Runner-Up                       Stefan Gackowski
The  Young Musician Of The Year was  Hannah Bailey and
The Young Ensemble Of The Year was  The Gaddesby School Recorder Trio
The photographs show Tinotenda and Tinashe Msipa with Roy Abbey; the Mayor of Melton, Margaret Moore and Young Mayor of Melton, David Downing with Sara Hall, Megan Wood and Hannah Bailey.
Young MusicianYoung MusicianYoung MusicianYoung Musician

Jenny Foreman.


Young Chef - District Finals
On Saturday February 5th Beth Warner and Erin White set off for the Samworth Academy in Leicester  to represent Melton Mowbray in the District 1070 Young Chef final.

They had prepared very thoroughly with a number of trial runs and a second session in the kitchens at Stapleford Park Hotel, ably supported by head chef David Ellams and his team. Both girls performed very well indeed. The progress that they had each made as a result of the coaching sessions was very much in evidence. We were very proud of them.

 In truth though, it is a tough challenge. Standards are high and they were up against older youngsters with much more experience on all fronts. Unlike other Rotary competitions there is no Intermediate class in Young Chef. Judged from this perspective their achievement is without doubt impressive, but unfortunately the prizes went elsewhere! They were understandably disappointed but they are still looking back with pleasure on what has overall been a very exciting, beneficial and enjoyable learning experience for them.

The photographs show Erin and Beth making final preparations, their impressive 3 course meals and their fellow competitors.
Young Chef Young Chef
Young Chef Young Chef Young Chef

Jenny Foreman

The sequence of events in this year's local Young Chef competition came to a conclusion this week (March 16th 2011). Joint winners Bethany Warner from John Ferneley College and Erin White from Long Field School were presented with their trophy in separate school assemblies. The girls are pictured receiving their award from Rotarians Eric Sylt and Jenny Foreman.

Young Chef winnerYoung Chef winner


Humanitarian Projects in the Philippines - 3 Projects Completed

The Melton Rotary Club has supported work in the central Philippines for several years, and during December 2010 finalised three wide ranging projects, supporting communities there in educational, health and livelihood projects of all sorts.  The three projects are described briefly below. We are grateful for the support of The Rotary Foundation in helping to finance all these activities.  Full details are in the final reports to the Rotary Foundation, linked from each project as below.

Shipment of Humanitarian Aid Goods to Cebu, Leyte and Siquijor For full report click here

Items of medical equipment were purchased by members of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray both in the USA and in the Philippines. These were shipped and/or given directly to the recipients in the Rotary Club of Siquijor and to the mayor of the province of South Leyte, both in the Philippines for use in the local health centres and hospitals.  The Melton Rotary Club put £540 into this project, matched with £500 from The Rotary Foundation.

Health, Education, Alternative learning and Livelihood For full report click here

The project, which has been running since January 2008, addressed several of the basic health, education, skills training and livelihood of the rural folks in the Visayas. This included:

This project was sponsored by the Melton Rotary Club with $5,000 (about £2,400), the Philippine Rotary Club of Mandaue North and district 3860 contributed $10,100, and this was all matched with a further $23,550 from The Rotary Foundation.

Children and Youth Skills Training and Development For full report click here

This project was started in mid-2008 to provide a wide range of mainly education-based support for the area:

This project was sponsored by the Melton Rotary Club with $5,000 (about £2,400), the Philippine Rotary Club of Cebu East and district 3860 contributed $10,100, the Village Aid programme started by David Collins in Bohol donated $4,500, and this was all matched with a further $24,800 from The Rotary Foundation.

Melton Rotary Club is delighted to have helped the hard-working Rotarians in Cebu, Siquijor and Leyte in achieving so much to support their local communities. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Rotary Foundation in these activities.


Rotary at St. Mary's Christmas Tree Festival

Pam Wiggins, chairman of the Community and Vocational Committee writes:

Christmas has arrived with the start of the Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary?s Church.  I was grateful that the roads between Grantham and Melton had been cleared to enable me to assist  the Community and Vocational team prepare their latest  masterpiece of decoration. In mid-October our Blue Peter training came in useful.  Decorations were created, glue was covered in glitter and Kate had the nightmare job of trying to remove all the sparkly bits from her cream carpet. 

Today was the day that all the hard work by Kate, Pam, Ian and Julia could finally be put on display. My husband James decided that he would come along to support our efforts.  I can only say that without him we would have been in real trouble.  Julia arrived with the brand new Christmas Lights, provided by a fellow Rotarian, only to discover that we had been given Icicle lights.  Great if you are working on a flat surface but hardly suitable for a 10ft Christmas Tree. If anyone has been to our house over the Christmas period you would realise that I have a genius in James when it comes to Christmas lighting.  Not to be beaten, he set about making the light system  work for us.  After about an hour of tweaking this and tweaking that we were in business and ready to adorn the tree with our home made decorations, baubles and beads. 


Xmas Tree 2010

The theme was to let the community know how we raised funds for our projects this year, and how the money has been spent. The tree, therefore, has plastic angel ducks, cut out big ducks, paper golf balls, photographs of the 3 Peaks Challenge, Cicle race along with photographs of Youth projects, Kids Day out and Interact. We believe that the finished article was worth all the effort and a number of people who passed by were also very impressed. In addition to the tree Kate managed to locate a mannequin. It is now wearing a Santa outfit to promote next week?s Santa run. Julia had a chat with a mother and son who were very interested in taking part and her young son wanted to buy his Santa outfit there and then. Let us hope that the display generates more entries for the Santa Run. 

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to Ian, who provided the Tree, Julia and Kate for all their hard work to promote Rotary in the Community. I hope that as many of you as possible will take the time to visit St Mary?s, not only to see the Rotary Christmas Tree, but to appreciate the amount of effort that other organisations put into making this event so successful.

Pam Wiggins

5th December 2010


Youth Speaks

The two Melton Rotary Clubs staged the first round of Youth Speaks ? a public speaking competition for young people aged 11-18 ? at Quorn Lodge Hotel on 27th November 2010. 

The winning teams were Melton Young Farmers and King Edward VII Interact Club.

Representing the Young Farmers were Archie Herrick, Sarah Lovegrove and Charlotte Hammond. They delivered an address entitled The Curse of the Crocs.

The KE7 team included Emily Pooley, Rosemary Dymond and Laura Masterman. They posed the question: Water ? an infinite resource?

Youth Speaks Youth Speaks What is the President wearing?
Youth Speaks
Youth Speaks Youth Speaks

Both teams spoke confidently and with an assurance that belied their years. They now proceed to the Rotary District semi-finals in January representing Melton.


Young Chef at Stapleford Park

Four local schoolgirls aged between 11 and 13 cooked for Head Chef David Ellams at Stapleford Park Country Hotel last week. The girls were the winners and runners up of the local heats of the Rotary Clubs? Young Chef Competition. The girls quickly rose to the challenge of working in a professional kitchen under the watchful eye of experts in the field.

The visit was arranged in order to help to prepare two of the girls for the next stage of the competition. This will be held in Leicester in January and will involve the planning, costing, preparation and presentation of a 3 course meal for 2. Fellow competitors may well be 16 or 17 years of age!

David and his pastry chef, Simon, will spend another morning with the girls before then. This time the professionals will do the cooking, showing Bethany and Erin how they can use their chosen ingredients to further develop their already impressive culinary skills and hopefully wow the judges.

Young Chef at Stapleford Park Young Chef at Stapleford Park Young Chef at Stapleford Park Young Chef at Stapleford Park
Young Chef at Stapleford Park Young Chef at Stapleford Park Young Chef at Stapleford Park Young Chef at Stapleford Park
The pictures show Bethany Warner, Erin White, Isabelle North and Elizabeth White in action.

Erin and Lizzie, from Long Field School together with Bethany and Izzie from John Ferneley College were thrilled to be given this opportunity. They were complimented by David on the quality of their meals and their careful work in the kitchen, which bettered the standard achieved in previous years. Parents of the girls were also delighted commenting that the girls were really benefiting from such a unique experience.

Thank you to Stapleford Park Hotel for helping the girls with this unforgettable experience.


Visit to Projects in the Philippines
Club member John Dehnel visited several of the projects we are supporting in the Philippines in October 2010.  He writes:

Over the past year the club has undertaken a project to buy and ship various items of medical equipment, such as digital thermometers, bandages and blood-pressure testing equipment, to supply to hospitals and health centres in the Visayas region in the central Philippines.  During a visit to the beautiful island of Siquijor, just south of Cebu, I met the members of the Rotary Club of Siquijor Island to whom some of this equipment had been sent. Past-president Shirley Creasey was very kind in meeting us on arrival and arranging the visit overall.  She and several of the members of the club took us around the island to see the main hospital and various health centres.  We also met the Provincial Governor and the Mayor of Siquijor, where we were able to discuss the work the Rotary Clubs are doing on the island and how the local government can work with them in this endeavour.  On Siquijor we also met recently inducted member of the Rotary Club, Honey Grace Samson, who was a member of the GSE team to visit district 1070 in Autumn 2009. It was as a result of her visit that we now have such good contacts with Rotary on the island.
Siquijor Hospital
Siquijor Hospital Siquijor Health Centres
Siquijor SiquijorSiquijorSiquijor
Siquijor Health Centres
Siquijor SiquijorSiquijorSiquijor
Siquijor Health Centres

We attended the Rotary Club of Siquijor Island's meeting and they showed us round the island.
Siquijor Rotary ClubSiquijor Rotary ClubSiquijor Rotary ClubSiquijor Rotary Club

Rotary was  in evidence in several places across the island - the Rotary Club is clearly very active, seen here at the small dock where we landed after a scuba diving trip (no, it wasn't all Rotary work!).
Rotary's End Polio Now campaign is still in full swing in the Philippines - in the very district that was one of the pilots for starting the whole programme back in 1985 - evidenced by these signs at the ferry port to Siquijor: The last photo here is of our meeting with the Provincial governor.
Waiting shedWaiting shedGovernor
Rotary erected the waiting shed at the dock Meeting with the Provincial Governor
End Polio Now posters at the ferry port

During our time back in Cebu City I was able to visit the offices and warehouse of Berovan, one of the local medical suppliers, to pick up some previously ordered sphagmomanometers (blood pressure testing equipment). It was Halloween night on the day I picked up the equipment; hence the rather unusual costumes worn by the staff! I was pleased then to be able to meet old friends Rico Rentuza and Jane Araneta from the province of St. Bernard, to hand over the equipment for use in their health centres on Leyte.
Collection ... and Hand-Over

Our visit to Cebu was facilitated enormously by the hard work of Rotarian Allan Limas, who had been the GSE team leader for the team from the Visayas mentioned above. Thank you Allan. We met several other Rotarians and visited a number of Rotary clubs during our 5 day stay in the city.  This included the charter night of the Cebu Fuente Rotary Club - held in the local casino with all the food and drinks sponsored by Paggcor, the casino owners - now there's an idea for a UK club's charter night!
Cebu Fuente Charter NightCebu Fuente Charter NightCebu Fuente Charter NightCebu Fuente Charter Night
Dinner in the Casino Past and present Presidents entertain Rotaract members Rotaractors entertain

Over the past few years the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray has shipped a number of containers of educational and health equipment to Cebu, donated by schools, hospitals and Rotarians n Melton and across District 1070.  It was in evidence in several places, including the science equipment at the Mactan school and the sewing machines in the training centre.
High School in Mactan Microscopes from King Edward VII School, Melton
A well equipped computer room, supplied by another charity Elementary School High School
Gardening lessons - using sticks in place of garden trowels Water supply, provided by Rotary More Microscopes from KEVII
Mactan MactanMactan
Kids Training Centre Sewing Machines at Kids Training Centre

Another GSE link was our visit to the pre-school facility set up and run by Nancy Berame, a member of the GSE team visiting the UK in 2009. This school is a truly wonderful initiative providing much needed support to local children.  Nancy is seen here, with some of the equipment provided by the Melton Rotary Club and the play equipment funded by Melton Mowbray Ladies in Rotary:
Nancy's SchoolNancy's SchoolNancy's SchoolNancy's School
Nancy's SchoolNancy's SchoolNancy's SchoolNancy's School
Nancy's SchoolNancy's SchoolNancy's School

The Rotary Club on Mactan Island has its own club house!  It persuaded the local governor to give it the land and pay for the building in return for all the good work it does in the area.  They use it for their club meetings, but also for training programmes for out-of-school youth and job training for aspiring IT employees in the local economic enterprise zone.
Mactan RC Club HouseMactan RC Club HouseMactan RC Club HouseMactan RC Club House

And right at the end of our time in Cebu I had a chance to 
meet Gail Bitancor, the dentist who was the other member of the same GSE team as mentioned above, and the District Foundation Chairman Yumi Espina:
GailBYumi Espina

In total this was a fascinating visit to a Rotary district that is working hard to overcome the deprivations suffered by an almost overwhelming proportion of the local population. It brings home how much we can do to continue to help them in the great work they are all doing.


Young Chef - Local Heats

Aspiring and enthusiastic youngsters entered the Young Chef heats in November 2010 at Long Field School and John Ferneley College. They chopped, baked, stir-fried and whisked their way to competition success in a bid to be selected for the next round.

Judges Ros Eggleston (Inner Wheel), Jenny Foreman (Rotarian) and Ann Evans (Food technologist) sampled all the entries and chose Erin White and Bethany Warner as the winners.

Together with runners-up Lizzie White and Isabelle North the girls will now spend two mornings working with David Ellams, head chef at Stapleford Park Country House Hotel to further develop their skills. He will also treat them to lunch!

In February 2011 Erin and Bethany will now go on to the next stage where they will compete against Young Chef winners from other clubs.

The pictures show all four girls and fellow competitors with their certificates.

Young ChefYoung ChefYoung Chef
Young Chef

Jenny Foreman


District Quiz
Two teams represented the Club in the annual District Quiz. Jenny Foreman, Linda Moore, Mike Rowe and David Ward were Team A, Wendy Davies, Adrienne Holland, John Horn and John Redwood Team B. Battle was joined at the usual venue, the White Horse at Quorn. The buffet caught at least two of us by surprise ? remembering the quality last year we had eaten before, and hence could not do full justice to that provide this year. You never know what a change of management will do!

Quizmaster Graham Cooper was his usual jovial but strict self, brooking no argument over the slightest deviation in an answer. Even giving extra information ws penalized. The questions were difficult, demanding some very specialist knowledge ? Team B were lucky to have John Redwood on Science. A few could be regarded as unfair. For instance a question on a mode of Transport in the T.V. series the Simpsons seemed to be in the wrong category.

The Leader Board changed regularly. Loughborough with an impressive 10 in the first round ( only the 2nd 10 in the whole District series ) later scored 0 in another round ( I think this was the first in the District). After 3 rounds Team B were in the lead, but flattered to deceive, peaking too early, fearing more difficulty in later rounds, particularly the Picture Round. Eventually Coalville A came 1st, our Team B were joint 2nd, with Team A in mid-table. However, we were pleased to discover that of the 3or 4 Clubs who had entered 2 teams we were in the lead on aggregate !!

The evening closed with Coalville President David Knight thanking the organizers for another successful and enjoyable competition. Perhaps we could enter 3 teams next year.

With many thanks to those who took part,

John Horn


GSE - Ant Smith's report to the Fire Service
Ant (Anthony) Smith's Group Study Exchange visit to the Philippines in April 2010 clearly made an impression on him.  This is his report to the house journal of his employer, the Leicestershire Fire aand Rescue Service.  Thanks to Ant for preparing this report.

Ant Smith's report

Ant Smith's report


District Conference 2010

The 82nd Annual Conference of our Rotary District ,1070, took place in Bournemouth between 24th and 26th September 2010, with the sun shining all through the weekend onto the 15 apparently righteous delegates representing our club, and the event being hosted by District 1070 DG Roger Mc Dermott in his unpretentious friendly manner.

The Hotel arrangements, the Miramar, organised by Club President John Horn were excellent, the Conference Arena was well located but lacked tiered quality seating and the obvious coffee in the breaks that has already received much discussion time.

Conference had a 'Dementia' theme, with a brilliant presentation by John Suchet detailing his personal story and the impact on his life caused by his wife Bonnie's, tragic deterioration with dementia.  John recommended the charity 'Admiral Nurses' as a major support for carers impacted by this terrible disease, a disease that affects the carers probably more than the patients.  There are some 820,000 dementia sufferers in the UK.

The charity REPoD, Rotarians Easing the Problems of dementia was covered by Dr. Geri Parlby, who as a Rotarian and Club President helps to provide items such as 'Memory boxes', or sets up 'Memory Cafes' to help sufferers memory, website

The highlight of the conference, to me, was the breath of fresh air about to blown across RIBI, in the form of the incoming President of RIBI Ray Burnan.  Ray gave a clear message that Rotary was all about the 'Rotarian', and that during his year he will focus on this hands on approach, allied to the necessary membership focus.  David Morris our own member received a resounding recognition for all of his membership work both locally and across Districts.  Well done David.

Others worthy of mention:-

    - GSE team presentation on trip to Philippines, well done to all, and our nominee Anthony Smith who has had published in the Fire and Rescue Service's 'Call Out" monthly house journal, a report on his Rotary GSE trip (see article).  This magazine is circulated widely in the Fire Service and other Public Service areas.

    - RYLA presentation by Tom Wallender, well received, note applications for this year's candidates required now.

    - If anyone reads as far as this, please log off after completing report, then try to spell WORLD backwards in your head, then email me confirming ability. (Test for persons NOT wanting to be Club President)

    - Roy Walker comedian who rounded up the event with a series of jokes, that I seem to have written down incorrectly, but available for the price of a pint.

    - Next year's Conference is the Red Rose Conference in Southport 30th Sept - 2nd October 2011. ABBA reunion band, but meals in own hotel.

    - RI Conference 21st - 25th May 2011 in New Orleans USA.

 Conclusion, another excellent weekend of fellowship for those attending, with a few speakers of interest, no overall message, but a few themes 'Dementia', 'Focus on the Rotarian', 'Membership', but enjoy your involvement with the 'Family Rotary'.

District Conference District Conference


Alison Blythe's Induction
The Rotary Club were pleased to induct our newest member, Alison Blythe, into the club at their meeting on the 13th September 2010.  Alison is the principal in the international school in Melton Mowbray.  President John Horn introduced her to the club, and Alison was warmly welcomed by all the members present.
Alison Blythe


Club Visit to Launde Abbey
The Rotary Club held their meeting on the 6th September 2010 in an unusual venue - Launde Abbey, south of Melton Mowbray.  We were kindly hosted by club member Ian Neale, who has undertaken a challenging "retirement" project, leading the complete restoration of the Abbey.  After the successful Save Launde Abbey campaign in 2009 an ambitious programme of renovations is now under way which will put the facilities of Launde at the forefront of retreat centres, primarily for religious grouops but open to all groups, secular, business, educational or others.  The Abbey, originally built as an Augustinian priory in AD 1119, was overthrown by Cromwell and used as a private residence until the 1950s,  At that stage it returned to the control of the church, and has been a retreat ever since.  However it was in a rather dilapidated state.  It is now being transformed, within an overall budget of £2,600,000. to a modern residence with up to the minute facilities throughout. Ian Neale is putting his background as a building surveyor and estimator to excellent use.  We were astonished at the amount of detail across many fields that need, to be considered in renovating such an historic building.
Launde AbbeyLaunde AbbeyLaunde Abbey
Launde AbbeyLaunde AbbeyLaunde Abbey

The club was warmly welcomed by Nick Quinn, the business manager and, of course, Ian Neale.  The kitchen staff fed us very well - auguring well for the catering once the new impressive kitchens and dining rooms are functioning.  We look forward to seeing the Abbey again when the project is finished  later in the year.


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